7 Best Projector Under $1000 to Buy in 2024

When you are looking for a projector of good quality and not very expensive, there are many options out there. It can be challenging to find the best projector under 1000 due to the number of choices and the fact that no single company makes a projector worth every penny you will likely be willing to spend on one.

We went through a lot of sources to find the right projector for the best value for your hard-earned money. You can take any projector as per your choice. If your budget is very low, you can easily find a projector under $200.

For this article, we have selected our top seven picks for projectors under $1000, which is a very common price range for people seeking a projector. You can buy any of these projectors, or you can shop around if you have different needs, but please be sure to consider the listed features and specifications when choosing a projector under $1000. Some of the most popular projectors in this price range are:

S.NoProduct ImageProduct NameProduct Link
1.$1000 projector, best budget projector, best projector below 1000, best projector under 1000, best projectors under 1000, projectors under 1000BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector
2.$1000 projector, best budget projector, best projector below 1000, best projector under 1000, best projectors under 1000, projectors under 1000ViewSonic True 4K Projector
3.$1000 projector, best budget projector, best projector below 1000, best projector under 1000, best projectors under 1000, projectors under 1000Optoma ZH403 1080p Professional Laser Projector
4.$1000 projector, best budget projector, best projector below 1000, best projector under 1000, best projectors under 1000, projectors under 1000AAXA 4K1 LED Home Theater Projector
5.$1000 projector, best budget projector, best projector below 1000, best projector under 1000, best projectors under 1000, projectors under 1000LG PF610P 120” Full HD CineBeam Projector
6.$1000 projector, best budget projector, best projector below 1000, best projector under 1000, best projectors under 1000, projectors under 1000WEMAX DICE 1080P FHD Portable Outdoor Projector
7.$1000 projector, best budget projector, best projector below 1000, best projector under 1000, best projectors under 1000, projectors under 1000BenQ GV30 Portable Smart Projector

Best Projector Under $1000

In order to help you decide which one is right for you, we have put together a list of the best projectors available in this price range.

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector

BenQ HT2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector
Benq Ht2050A 1080P Home Theater Projector

The BenQ HT2050A is a higher-end home theater projector. The 1080p resolution on this projector makes for excellent game playing, watching movies or TV shows, or just surfing the internet. Its contrast ratio of 2200:1 means that you’ll never be disappointed by the picture quality, especially when it comes to fast-motion scenes.

Additionally, the image is crisp and clear. It has a wider color gamut than the previous model from BenQ, which is great for a variety of content.

This projector has many great features that make it a joy to use. First of all, there is no rainbow effect present in this projector due to the use of DLP technology. The projector also has many capabilities that will play home theater fantastically.


Exceptional image quality

Great connectivity with multiple inputs

Low lag when it comes to playing games

Color reproduction is great


Only 1080P resolution, not 4K.

🎯Analysis: For a more budget-conscious option, you cannot go wrong with the BenQ HT2050A. Featuring excellent image quality and a wide variety of features that make it easy to use, the HT2050A is sure to please many people.

ViewSonic True 4K Projector

ViewSonic True 4K Projector
Viewsonic True 4K Projector

The ViewSonic PX747 is a 4K Projector that offers impressive HDR technology and an incredibly affordable, low price tag. This projector is ideal for those looking for a long-lasting device that will provide the user with exceptional picture quality.

ViewSonic’s projector with HDR can display a picture that is 4K and Enhanced with High Dynamic Range (HDR). The clarity, sharpness, and vividness are all enhanced when viewing a 4K picture.

The ViewSonic PX747 has the impressive ability to handle multiple inputs and output simultaneously. The model can support dual HDMI, one VGA input for computer use, and one power cable for connectivity.

This projector can connect to a multitude of devices to view content from all of them at once. This makes it easy to share, watch and enjoy content on-demand, Netflix, and Hulu.


Easy setup

Super bright and clear display

4K streaming for online content

Great mounting flexibility


Designed is not up to the mark

🎯Analysis: This projector is an excellent choice for your home theater room. It provides you with exceptional picture quality and the ability to watch content on Netflix.

Optoma ZH403 1080p Professional Laser Projector

Optoma ZH403 1080p Professional Laser Projector
Optoma Zh403 1080P Professional Laser Projector

This professional-laser projector is designed for home theater use. The fast setup system helps to create a clear and vibrant picture in less than a few minutes, with no calibration needed.

The projector has one of the best illumination systems with up to 4000 lumens brightness and provides a 300000:1 contrast ratio. The brightness has 30,000 hours of laser light source lifetime and has digital connectivity with HDMI, VGA, and display ports.

It comes with 4K HDR-compatible, geometry correction, and a 2-year warranty. The ZH403 works best in a dark environment with excellent brightness and is packed with advanced technology. This Optoma ZH403 projector is suitable for your home theater or office with the ability to be mounted on a ceiling.


Best Value under $1000 in the market.

Optimal price to performance ratio.

Lightweight and portable.

Ideal for most home theater applications.


No issue at this moment

🎯Analysis: If you are looking for the best projector under $1000, then this is the one you should buy. It has a super built-in light engine with a lifetime of 30,000 hours (which makes it one of the best in this category) and offers great quality pictures. Overall, a good value projector that is worth every penny spent!

AAXA 4K1 LED Home Theater Projector

AAXA 4K1 LED Home Theater Projector
Aaxa 4K1 Led Home Theater Projector

If you are looking for a high-tech projector without spending more than $1000, the AAXA 4K1 LED Home Theater Projector will likely suit your needs. The device consumes very little power and has a fantastic image contrast ratio of 2000:1.

The projection comes with remote control and can be mounted on a wall to be positioned as you please. It has a native 4K UHD resolution. The projector also has a high light efficiency, which provides you with an image that looks brighter than on your flat-panel TVs or regular projectors.

Its small size allows you to place it on your mantle easily, and it fits perfectly in your small home theater as well as in hotel rooms or business conferences. It will allow you to watch movies and play games at a more advanced resolution than you could before, and it will provide you with crisp and colorful images.


Portable in size

An affordable project that delivers high-quality images.

It can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall.

It consumes less energy than most projectors.


Worst customer support

🎯Analysis: Overall, the Optoma UHD60 is an incredible projector. It is available for less than $1000 and offers some great features. It is a perfect option for home theater applications or if you use it for business purposes, or if you want to enjoy content on a big screen.

LG PF610P 120” Full HD CineBeam Projector

LG PF610P 120” Full HD CineBeam Projector
Lg Pf610P 120” Full Hd Cinebeam Projector

The LG PF610P is one of the best projectors under $1000 that provides a great picture quality and a wide variety of connection options. The brightness is exceptional, and it makes this projector perfect for ambient light conditions. It also has an ideal sound system.

The connectivity on the LG PF610P is excellent as well. It has two HDMI ports and a USB 2.0 port. You can connect all of your devices directly to this projector since there is no need to use wireless functionality for any device other than Apple TV or MiraCast.

MiraCast app also allows you to mirror your device so that you can use it to monitor your room’s layout. A great benefit of this projector is that you don’t have to sacrifice image quality for a good price. The LG PF610P is an excellent option for anyone who wants the best projector under $1000 but doesn’t want to compromise with any features.


The picture quality and color accuracy is exceptional


Mirror your content

The price is perfect for such a high-quality projector


Some users have encountered setup issues.

🎯Analysis: Great projector for the price. Perfect for watching movies, playing video games, and sports.

WEMAX DICE 1080P FHD Portable Outdoor Projector

WEMAX DICE 1080P FHD Portable Outdoor Projector
Wemax Dice 1080P Fhd Portable Outdoor Projector

The WEMAX DICE is one of the best projectors for Android TV and has excellent picture quality. The colors are accurate, and the blacks are intense. It also features a great contrast ratio and good color temperature. The projector is extremely bright, which makes it great for outdoor viewing.

The product has a plethora of connectivity options. It has three HDMI ports and a USB port. All of these ports come with remote control, which is great since it saves you some time if you often need to use your device on the go. The remote itself is also very responsive, making operating the projector extremely simple for anyone.

The sound quality is also outstanding. It has a 10-watt Dolby audio DTS HD speaker, which pumps out pretty good sound for any movie or TV show. For a portable projector, the sound quality is very good.


4K supported

Easy to carry

Brilliant picture quality

Can use as a power bank


Built-in apps are glitchy.

🎯Analysis: It is a great projector for those who want a lightweight device that is highly portable and easy to transport with it. For the price, it does very well in providing an ample amount of brightness for watching movies and TV shows.

BenQ GV30 Portable Smart Projector

BenQ GV30 Portable Smart Projector
Benq Gv30 Portable Smart Projector

The last projector on our list is the Benq GV30 Portable Smart Projector. It is a great projector with very high quality. Its screen can cover 135-degree projection. With its up to 300 lumens, it produces bright images that are clearly visible even if you are watching them from a far away distance.

The projector also contains many other features such as Android TV, Chromecast, Airplay, and USB-C that will allow you to connect your smart devices easily in order to have a more seamless experience.

It is one of the best projectors under $1000 and one of our favorites for the home cinema experience. It has HD resolution. It has several other features as well. The most important feature is its significant vertical and horizontal keystone adjustments. We viewed this feature for the first time on a projector, and it was awe-inspiring how accurate the adjustments were.


Great color and contrast

High brightness

Voice assistant

Easy to carry


There are no cons

🎯Analysis: This is one of the best projectors under $1000 because it allows you to have the best image quality for a great value. This will definitely be an excellent investment for any home cinema enthusiast that wants to upgrade their viewing experience.

What to Look For When Buying a Projector

Now that you know what things should be considered when buying a projector under $1000, it is time to start looking at prices and screens. These are the factors you want to consider when you buy a projector.


The resolution of the projector is how many pixels display on your screen. The more pixels on the screen, the clearer your picture will be, so this is important for you to check out before making a purchase.

Screen Type

The screen type you choose is the material that your image will appear on. Since you are buying a projector for your very own home, you will have your own preferences.

Screen Aspect Ratio

When looking at screens, this is one more thing to consider. Aspect ratio is the ratio between the width and height of your screen. It is important that you compare this number before making a purchase. This way, you’ll know how big your projected image will be in relation to your screen.


The screen brightness is important in determining how well your screen can handle projecting a very bright image. Projectors that have a higher brightness rating can project brighter images on your screen. So, this is one thing to consider when buying a projector under $1000.

Projector Lamp Life

The projector lamp’s life is very important when it comes to how long you’ll actually be able to use your projector before it breaks down on you. So it is best to note the projected lamp life before you make any purchases.


A good way to know how much it will cost you to replace your projector is to ensure that it comes with a warranty. This way, you’ll know that if your projector breaks down when you are not using it, you can always have someone come out and fix it for free.

Projection Method

There are two main types of projection: LCD and DLP. When deciding which one to get, you need to factor in how much light is going to be in your room. If your room has a lot of light, you would be better off with an LCD projector.

If it is a room where there is not much light, such as a basement or theater room, you would want to go with a DLP projector. A DLP projector can even give you better color and contrast if you are in an area where there is not much light.

Learning Curve

Not everyone who wants to buy a new projector knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to setting them up. Fortunately, many guides online will help you get excited about putting a projector in your home. Of course, there is no reason to think that you are an expert at setting up a projector from the minute you get it home. But what the experts say is true.

The best thing to do is to read through some guides and watch some videos, especially if you are not familiar with projectors. You will be able to get your projector set up properly before you even put it in your house.


When you are planning on setting up your projector in a designated room, you want to make sure that you buy one that is lightweight enough for you to carry around. So when weighing the options, it would be best to choose one that is lightweight.


This, of course, is the last factor that you need to consider when buying a projector. Since you are going to purchase a new one, you don’t want to go by looks alone simply. You want to make sure that it can serve your needs for the long term. So before buying one, it is best to make sure that the projector has an extended warranty.

For example, you might want to look at projectors with two years or more of warranty coverage. This way, if there is anything wrong with your brand new projector during this time, you can always get it fixed or replaced for free.


What’s the best projector for movies?

A home theater projector is the best option for watching movies. However, if you are looking for a multipurpose device that can also project presentations with ease, a business projector would be a better fit.

Can I use a projector in a garage or cellar?

Yes, you can install most projectors outdoors. You can also use them under the rain. Just make sure you buy a waterproof projector or use a waterproof projector case. They are not going to fail fast. However, keep in mind that the overall light output will be reduced significantly when used in these environments.

What should I look at when buying a home cinema projector?

The latest 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) technology is available in many projectors, and because of this, they are more than worth the extra price. Also, a 3D projector would be a great addition to your home theatre setup.

Should I buy a 3D projector?

Yes, but then again, you must remember that it will depend on the effects you expect from your home theatre setup. If you expect to experience 3D effects from an intense action flick, then a 3D projector would be just perfect for you. However, if you think that you can get better quality results from a 2D projector, then the home cinema LCD DLP projector would better suit you.


Now, you must know what type of projector you want. There are lots of different types, and a lot would be suitable for specific uses. Some might be too large and powerful for classroom presentations, while others are too small and don’t have enough features to justify the price.

So, the questions you need to ask yourself before deciding on what type of projector is whether or not it will be used mostly in your house or in a smaller area with limited space.

I hope this detailed article helped you make a decision. Remember, you don’t have to buy the most expensive or the cheapest one if your needs aren’t that demanding. Just read through this guide and think about which qualities are essential to you. Basically, consider what you need the projector for before making a decision.

The comment section is open so if you have any questions or suggestions on what to do with your new projector, leave a comment below. We would be happy to hear from you.🙃

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