8 Great Projector Accessories You Must Have to Include in Outdoor Camping Setup

In the era of intelligent technologies, projectors are being upgraded with advanced projector accessories and lots of features. These are actually cool features that are helping people in reducing external accessories as much as they can. These Advanced featured portable projectors are built to give a great user experience in small devices with fewer external accessories usages.

These devices come with different types of special features come inbuilt in these projectors, which eliminates the usage of external devices or accessories which we needed to carry in old-era projectors. That means, with fewer external accessories, you can enjoy your outdoor camping activities with the help of portable projectors.

In this article, we will talk about a few essential projector accessories which are highly required for your outdoor projector camping activity. So let’s get started.

Must-Buying Accessories For Portable Camping Projectors

while planning a camping trip, no matter if it’s with your family or it is with your friends, you can choose a portable projector to entertain you in this outdoor camping activity. One thing you can keep in your mind is that you must have to carry suitable accessories for that particular portable projector to enhance its usage and performance. These accessories will help you experience the best video quality and ensure you suitable protection for your projector as well.

Below we recommend a few best portable projector accessories you must carry while planning an outdoor camping activity with portable projectors.

1. Tripod Projector Stand

If you are going to buy a projector whether it is for indoor use or it is for outdoor use, a tripod stand for a projector is very useful in both cases for you. A tripod projector stand gives stability for your projector to project a stable screen. This tripod stand is used to adjust the height and screen angle while using the projector even on an unstable platform.

Even if you are an outdoor camping lover, you must have a tripod projector stand in your camping setup to use any portable projector while camping in outdoors.

There are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a projector stand or a tripod stand which are, the projector stand or a tripod needs to be steady, ideal for use on an uneven surface, and gives good stability for the projector also this tripod stand needs to be lightweight and easy in carrying as well. If the tripod stand provider gives a case for the tripod stand then it will make that tripod stand more value for money product.

2. Portable Speakers / Home Theater

One of the most important accessories for a projector is a home theater speaker or a portable speaker for outdoor usage. While going to plan a projector movie night or using it as a home projector you always need a portable speaker or a home theater speaker to enhance the sound of the projector. Some of the projectors have inbuilt speakers but these inbuilt speakers are good for loud and high-quality sound output.

In that case, you always required an external speaker to produce high-quality loud sound output for your projector. Sound plays an important role in experiencing a better viewing experience. So always make sure that you pick a good external speaker for your projector especially if you are planning an outdoor camping trip with portable projectors.

While choosing an external speaker, you must check whether the speaker is compatible with the portable projector or not. Also, check the size and battery life of the speaker while picking a portable speaker for outdoor camping usage.

3. Portable Projector Screens

Some people use projectors to project the screen on a plain white wall and some people use a bedsheet to project the screen of a projector but if you want a high-quality projection image, we will recommend you buy a projector screen for your personal use. These portable projector screens come in different sizes as well as different materials.

While buying a portable projector screen, always choose a projector screen according to your requirements and budget. we will suggest you buy a portable screen that is easy to use and lightweight if you are looking for a screen for your outdoor camping usage. Also, you should always pick a projector screen with the right material because the material makes the projector screen more durable and long-lasting.

4. Power Banks

Power banks are very important daily usage items available in the market for providing a backup to charge your electronic devices as well as smartphones. These power banks are also very important accessories for your outdoor camping activity with projectors. These power banks can be used to charge your projectors if your projector has an inbuilt battery also you can use it to give a supply to turn on directly if it required a mobile charger output to turn on.

While planning to buy a power bank, you must have to look for its power storage capacity as well as the price of that power bank if it’s in your budget or not. Some power banks come with fast charging support and a few extra USB ports to charge multiple devices at the same time. So it’s up to you that you must buy a perfect power bank according to your budget and usage.

5. HDMI Cables

An HDMI cable is a very important and useful accessory among all of the other accessories for outdoor camping projectors. This HDMI cable is used to connect the projector with any of the input sources directly by using it. By using an HDMI cable, we can connect our projector to any DVD, Laptop, or many other different types of devices, such as gaming consoles, etc. easily through the HDMI port of the projector and enjoy our favorite shows on a bigger screen.

When you going to buy an HDMI cable, you must have to check the length and quality of that cable because in the market there are many different types of cables available with different lengths and different build qualities. So you must have to choose wisely according to your needs.

6. Multimedia Projector Protective Cases

A protective case for a projector is an essential accessory for your projector to prevent your projector from dust, scratches, and water. These cases are also very important if you want to travel with your projector outdoors because it will prevent that projector from being damaged caused during traveling and shifting outdoors.

While buying a protective case for projectors you must have to check the size and space if it’s sufficient for your projector and essential accessories or not. Also, you must have to check the quality of that case material and if it’s water resistant or not. After considering these specifications for the best protective case for your projector, you can buy a better one according to your choice.

7. Extension Cords/ Boards

For an outdoor event projector, you must have a power supply for giving power to the projector until it is rechargeable. Even if it’s rechargeable, the projectors usually have less backup of the battery and after some time you will have to charge the battery or give a power supply directly to avoid disturbance from your continuous entertainment with help of the projector. For this situation, you must have an extension power cord or extension board to give a supply to your projector.

In the market, there is a variety of extension cords available online and offline. So while choosing an extension cord you must have to check the length and gauge of the cable and rating if it’s suitable according to your outdoor usage or not. By the end of checking these specifications, you can get the best extension board according to your needs.

8. Lens Cleaning Kit For Projectors

A lens is one of the major and most important parts of any projector. The projector lens can be accumulated with dust, scratches, and smudges with time and usability, and to solve this issue, you must have to keep a projector lens cleaning kit with the projector to increase the life and quality of the projector lens. This lens cleaning kit helps keeps your lens clean to give a sharp and clear image production.

While buying a projector lens cleaning kit, you must have to check the compatibility with your projector and directions to use that kit if it is easy to use or not.


Outdoor camping is a very beautiful and satisfying activity among all other outdoor activities but this activity can become more enjoyable and satisfying if we would love to add a projector night for more entertainment.

To make outdoor camping more entertaining with outdoor projectors, you must have an outdoor projector setup that includes many projector accessories such as a projector screen, tripod stand, portable speaker, HDMI cable, and a lens cleaning kit for basic requirements to enhance your camping experience. Except these, you must have a power bank, extension cord, and protective case in your outdoor projector setup for your projector for safety and uninterrupted entertainment in your outdoor camping.

If you have these basic accessories in your outdoor camping setup, you are ready to enjoy outdoor camping trips for years with a projector and this outdoor projector setup kit.

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