Sunny Bundel
CEO & Founder at Techupedia
Highly-skilled Full-Stack Developer who is passionate about blogging and furnished with extensive experience in SEO.
  • Digital Marketing
  • Full-Stack Development
  • WordPress
Education: B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering from Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer



Sunny Bundel is a Full-Stack Developer whose expertise spans technology, gaming, and WordPress. His writing primarily serves those with a keen interest in the latest tech trends and developments. His unique approach to sharing his vast knowledge has established him as a trusted voice in the tech community.

In addition to his writing, Sunny runs a consultation firm called Gronite, further showcasing his commitment to assisting others in navigating the tech world. His writing philosophy centers around service, striving to enlighten his readers through his profound understanding of tech.

Beyond his professional life, Sunny enjoys playing the piano and guitar, indulging in anime, keeping up-to-date with every show on Netflix, and playing PUBG.


Sunny holds a B.Tech in Computer Science from Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer. His skills were further recognized when he ranked 1st in an inter-college hacking competition. His credentials underscore his deep understanding of technology and its applications.