Can You Post Links in YouTube Comments? Find Out the Best Solution

Youtube is the only place you can get exactly what you want – yes, that’s right! You can find the exact video you wish for. Youtube is a medium of entertainment where there is something for everyone. Youtube is a video-sharing network on which people upload, watch and share videos.

In the past, video content was passive. In the age of instant gratification and ubiquitous connectivity, it’s become interactive. Today, hundreds of millions watch videos and comment on them simultaneously on YouTube or any other video-sharing platform. These online conversations can be a public way to share ideas and thoughts with others, but they can also provide fodder for trolls and abuse.

Many people have this question can you post links in youtube comments? So, my friends, the answer is YES! You can post links in the youtube comment section and promote yourself, your content, videos, and social handles.

How Can You Post Links in YouTube Comments Section?

It is effortless to post a link in a YouTube comment. For this, you do not need to do much; copy the link and paste it into the comment.

post links in youtube comments
Post Links In Youtube Comments

It is different from the creator of the video on which you are commenting; delete that link. Because if you are regularly pasting the link or promoting yourself, then this counts in the spam. Youtube and the content creator have full authority to delete this spamming, so you can’t do anything in this situation.

So take precautions for what you are promoting, and don’t spam.

Reasons for Pasting Links on YouTube Comments?

YouTube comments are a significant part of Youtube. The number of comments has to be increased, and many people have started using different ways to do so, which takes away from their originality. Most of these links are just focused on getting upvotes but do very little for the video itself. Apart from this, some other reasons are displayed below.

  • In order to draw attention to the video and promote it
  • To get more upvotes by commenting on the video
  • To create more traffic to your website
  • When the link works on Youtube, for sharing it with people on other sites and forums for free distribution.
  • To enhance search engine ranking.
  • Sometimes the link doesn’t work, and when it doesn’t, this is how you know that the video is copyrighted.
  • To improve video placement on youtube.
  • For directing viewers to your website for more information.

Is it Worth Pasting Links in YouTube Comments?

This question has been asked through the ages, and the answer is not always simple. Some say it’s an opportunity to help promote what you have to offer, while others might argue that it’s a waste of time since there is no guarantee those links will ever get clicked on. Others might think that too many people see the links for them to ever get any benefit from it.

If you are not looking to be malicious, then it’s worth doing so; however, ensure that this raises awareness for the topic being discussed and educates those watching the video.

Think about what people will know about you when they see your video. If most of them will not even bother watching it, there is no real value in linking with comments.

Besides this, there can be many other reasons:

  • It can help people find the videos you mention. It can also allow people to know where the video’s content is being discussed without having to go through all of your comments.
  • People might want to view the video you mention.
  • You can also talk about something in your comment that is NOT in the video you are posting a link to.

Remember: Getting copyright strikes on your youtube channel is very bad! You can lose your youtube channel!) But if you post a link in a comment, then it won’t give you a strike. It would only be a strike if you said something (copyright) in the comment or linked to the same website that was in your comment.

How YouTube Blocks Comments with Links

YouTube has been the pioneer in the fight against spammy comments. They allow you to delete comments on your videos, switch to a link-only commenting system, and block entire YouTube user accounts from commenting at all.

How to Block Comments with Links

Step 1: Download YouTube Studio From Play Store/Search YouTube Studio in Chrome on your PC

Step 2: Open and Select Your Account

Step 3: Tap on Settings

Step 4: Click on Community

Step 5: Here, You will see the Automated Filters option

Step 6: Now Select the Block Links


Youtube Studio>Settings>Community>Automated Filters>Block Links

Activity that YouTube Finds as Spam

  • Comments that contain spam, illegal, or profane content.
  • Referral link Comments
  • Comments are made primarily for the purpose of advertising a product or service.
  • Redirected link Comments
  • Comments that are misleading or use manipulation to drive traffic to a link.
  • Promotion of services that violate YouTube’s Terms of Service, specifically the sections on spam and abuse.

Substitutes of Posting Links in YouTube Comments Section?

Fortunately, there are some very clever people out there. They’ve created workarounds to get links in your comments to be seen by others. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Posting a Dropbox link with the video file in it
  • Adding a YouTube channel to your comment – If you have a YouTube channel and want to add it as a comment to your post, there are two ways you can do it: 1) Upload the video to a YouTube channel and add it as its own comment with an embedded YouTube URL 2) Embed an HTML code directly into your comment.
  • By sharing content on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Posting embed code is similar to the full video link, except it shows up as an embed code. This is also an effortless addition that you can add to comments yourself by doing an embed code search on Youtube using the “Add to comments” tag.
  • Adding a link to the full video
  • Adding a link to the video’s channel page


Why can’t I post links in YouTube comments?

YouTube’s comment system does not allow people to post links. You can only submit videos – including embedded videos and suggestions for related videos. If you’re looking for a list of websites, try creating a video about that topic and add it on your channel.

Some people have tried to use links in comments, but they get flagged for spam and banned.

Why doesn’t YouTube allow links in comments?

It’s believed that YouTube’s comment system is designed to prevent SPAM. If people were allowed to post links, spammers would easily create dummy accounts and look like real users. YouTube may review the account and suspect it’s a spammer if it links to businesses or products unrelated to video content.

What’s the difference between comments and suggestions?

The purpose of these two is different. Suggestions are used for site suggestions, like “submit your video here.” Comments are used most often for sharing your own thoughts. These two types of videos cannot be posted on YouTube because the commenting system does not support them.


So, to sum up, my article doesn’t post links in YouTube comments. It’s better to post your comment on Reddit first, then use the YouTube link instead of posting the YouTube link directly in the comment. Enjoy your music on youtube; it’s totally your choice whether to play songs on a loop or play the youtube playlist in reverse order.

I love it when the people who don’t read my article assume that I want them to stop writing comments. That’s really funny. Are there any other commenters who would like to comment on why you shouldn’t post links in YouTube comments?

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