How to Change Instagram Password (Top 2 Methods)

Have you ever wondered how to change Instagram password? Changing the Instagram password is very annoying, and if you don’t remember your old password, then the task becomes even more difficult. If you use your Instagram account regularly, you will rarely need to remember your password, but if you forgot your password and trying to log in then the trouble starts from here.

There may be many reasons to change your old password, such as, you have taken a new mobile, reset your mobile, or uninstalled Instagram for some reason and forgotten your old password, then you will need to change your password.

If you remember your old password and want to change it, this task is not too difficult, but if you have forgotten your old password and don’t know how to change it, then this post is for you.

Here I will show you both the processes of changing the Instagram password so that you can easily change your password in any situation.

How to Change Instagram Password

There can be only 2 conditions here, in the first condition, you have remember your old password and want to change this into a new password, and in the second condition, you forgot your old password and want to log in first and then try to change it.

The first method of changing the Instagram password

Let’s understand the first situation. In this situation, you remember your old password and wanted to change it into a new password.

First of all, open your Instagram account and then click on your photo icon in the bottom right corner. As soon as you click it, you will see the option of settings and tap on it. Here you will see many options and choose the privacy option from all these options, in this option, you will see the password option on which the key mark is made.

After this, you will see 3 boxes, enter your old password in the first box and the new password in the second and third boxes; your new password has been updated.

how to change Instagram password


Open Instagram>Select Your Image Icon>Open Settings Option>Privacy>Password>Select New Password

The second method of changing the Instagram password

The second condition is vice versa; in this situation, the user doesn’t remember his/her Instagram password, the user has to log in first and change his old password. This process is depicted through the pictures below, which can be easily understandable.

Open Instagram first, then enter your username and leave the column of password blank. You will see the Get Help logging in option under the login button, tap on it. After tapping on it, you will see the find your account section in which your username will be written, and the next option is see below.

After tapping on it, you will see the icon of your profile in the next option, and below this, you will see select send an email option. Now, tap on this option, after selecting this, an email will be received on your registered mail id, in which 6 characters of OTP will be sent, insert the OTP at the confirmation box, and your account will be logged in.

how to change Instagram password

Open Instagram>Fill Your Username>Get Help Logging In>Next>Send an Email>Enter the 6 Digits Confirmation Code

So in this way, you can change the password of your Instagram or recover it. This 2 method is the best and most simple method to change the account password or login.

With these methods, you can easily recover your Instagram account password or log in anywhere. Or you can use your account on any other device as well.


I forgot my password again, what should I do?

You will need to contact Instagram support. The same email address provided in the previous question works as a way to reset your account. However, if your account has been hacked or compromised, it is better to submit a report through this page.

I am still unable to log in to my Instagram account.

This is a security feature implemented by Instagram, which is designed to keep sure that only the right person has access to his or her account. If you’re not sure if it’s you doing the wrong thing, then you can try using your email address and phone number as the new password.

Can someone see my activity on Instagram?

Yes, anyone can see your activity, including the photos you like or the people you follow. This feature is not for those looking for a way to hide their activities from other people.

How safe is Instagram?

Moderation has always been a part of Instagram. People who have violated its policies have been removed from the community.

Can I disable the chat function in Instagram?

You can only disable the chat function within the private messaging or direct messaging features as they are both different things.

My friend told me that Instagram is really buggy. Is this true?

Instagram does have a few bugs that some users might have experienced. The “deleted” photos brought back from the dead could be a bug, while the filter and editing glitches should have been fixed by now. However, it is still available to use due to its active user base.


These are the best methods to change your Instagram account password. And also, this is the simplest way you can recover your lost Instagram account. For more details, you can follow us on Instagram. The comment section is available for any of your queries, you can ask your questions there.

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