How to Project Mobile Screen on Wall Without Projector (4 Easy Methods of 2023)

Have you ever wondered if we can magnify or project our mobile screen on the wall without using costly technology just by any DIY idea or cheap method? Yes, you heard it right. In today’s post, we are going to find the answer if we can project our mobile screen on the wall or any screen without using any costly projector or any high-tech technology.

Below, we will discuss a few techniques and we will cover a method to projector mobile screen by a very cheap method which is by using a DIY projector creation technique. Sounds interesting? So without further discussions let’s get to the point and find out the answer to this interesting question.

How to Project Mobile Screen on Wall Without Projector

As you are too curious to know can we project mobile screens on a wall without any costly projector? Then the answer to your curiosity is yes! you can project or cast any mobile screen on a wall without using costly high-tech projectors. For this, you need to use a DIY projector which can be called a non-conventional innovation or a life hack but it can fit to answer your question.

By using limited resources you can make this life hack and project your mobile screen without a projector. This can be an interesting topic for those who are interested in making things on their own and enjoy making life-hack innovations.

If still you are reading our article it means you want to know the method to make this masterpiece DIY projector. This DIY project is all about making a simple and interesting projector to magnify your mobile screen and enjoy images and videos on a large screen without using any costly projector.

Below we are going to share with you a step-by-step method to make a DIY projector on your own so that you can enjoy your content on a big screen with your friends and family in a portable and cheap way.

Things or Material You Need

Before making this DIY projector, you must have to gather some useful material required for making this projector. As we said earlier, we will make this project with fewer resources and cheap materials. Below we providing you with a list of the required material to make this DIY projector.

  1. A Cardboard Box: We required a cardboard box such as a shoe box or any box in which we can fit our smartphone.
  2. A Scissor: Scissor is a tool that we are required to use for cutting purposes while making this DIY projector.
  3. A Measuring Tape or Ruler: A ruler or measuring tape is required to ensure accurate measurement while cutting in cardboard.
  4. A Magnifying Lens: Magnifying lens is required to magnify the screen image of your mobile to project it on a wall. You can find it easily online if you failed to find it offline. consider buying a magnifying lens with a focal length of around 3-4 inches.
  5.  A Glue Gun: A glue gun is required for making joints in cardboard for extra modifications. You can use any other glue if you want to reduce the budget more than this.
  6. A Black Velvet Paper Sheet: Black velvet paper sheet is required for covering the whole cardboard box from the inside to improve image clarity and brightness.

After collecting these materials we are all set for making this DIY projector and I am sure you will enjoy the making process of this DIY projector.

Steps for Making a DIY Projector

For making this DIY projector project, you must have to follow these steps correctly to get better results. below we will teach you how to make this DIY projector in easy steps to project your mobile screen in a very cheap way just by this DIY projector.

So kindly follow these steps to make this DIY projector which is described below,

Step 1: Measurement And Marking

For getting better results, it is important to make DIY projects with accurate markings and measurements so that it looks good as well as perform well accordingly.

For making this DIY projector you must have to measure the size of your magnifying lens and the position of your smartphone and mark it on the cardboard box accurately for further action.

Step 2: Cutting And Modification

After marking the necessary points, now the turn of cutting a hole in the cardboard box for magnifying lens comes. In this step, we will cut the round hole with the help of scissors or any cutter.

While cutting the hole in the cardboard, you must have to be careful from being injured and also cut that hole with the proper finish for proper fitting of magnifying lens.

Also, You must have to make a smartphone stand inside the cardboard box with other cardboard pieces for the smartphone to be placed accurately in it according to its position. For this, you can use a glue gun for making this stand inside the box with the help of some cardboard pieces.

After doing all these modifications, now it’s time to paste glue inside the cardboard box and stick black matte paper inside the cardboard box completely. This will increase the projected image quality by enhancing the brightness of the projected image.

Step 3: Magnifying Lens Installation

In this step, we will put magnifying lens inside the cardboard box and place it on the cut hole correctly. Make sure the lens’s curved side should face inward toward the screen of the smartphone.

For the installation of magnifying lens, you can use a glue gun or masking tape for it to be in the correct place in the cardboard box at the hole.

Step 4: Project Mobile Screen

After the successful installation of magnifying lens, now it’s time to test this DIY projector. For testing this projector, you have to find a darest place or dark room to get better results.

After finding the perfect room for this DIY projector, now place your DIY projector at any stand facing the wall side where you need to project your phone’s screen and play video on your mobile. Put your phone inside the DIY projector cardboard box and pack it back completely again.

After doing these steps, just check if the phone’s screen is projecting on the wall correctly and adjust the smartphone’s placement if required, and enjoy the video or images on the big projected screen.

How To Get Better Results While Playing Videos on This DIY Projector?

For getting better results in this DIY projector, below we will give you some tips or bits of advice to make sure you use it properly and get better results.

  • Always use the darkest room you have in your area for better results.
  • Always prefer using high-resolution videos or images with max mobile screen brightness to get better results.
  • Make sure that magnifying lens is cleaned every time after and before using it.
  • We prefer using external Bluetooth speakers or headphones for getting better sound output to enhance your experience.
  • Always try different distances while setting up this DIY projector to get better projection output.

Inexpensive Methods to Project Mobile Screen on Wall Without Projectors

There are some other ways too for projecting a mobile screen on the wall and enjoy your mobile videos or images on a bigger screen. These ways are not like that DIY projector or any life hack, but these are some genuine ways in which you can use some non-expensive tech products to cast or mirror your mobile screen on the wall or any LED smart tv so that you can enjoy your content on the big screen.

Below we are providing you with some other ways to project your mobile screen on the wall or any wall-mounted TV by various methods which can easily fit into your budgets and you may able to enjoy your content there.

Wireless Methods

If you don’t like to use a bunch of wires like me, then the method given below is for you.

1. By Using Chromecast

Chromecast is a well-known device that is known for casting any screen of one device to another device wirelessly just by using wifi connection when the secondary device is supported with HDMI port input. For using this device to mirror mobile screens onto the wall, you have to just connect this device to the HDMI port of your TV with a micro USB supply for Chromecast device and connect this device with your mobile and select input of TV on HDMI mode.

After Setting it up, you just have to choose the screen mirroring option from your smartphone and connect it with the Chromecast device when it comes to searched devices and you are ready to enjoy your favorite videos or images on the big screen of your TV.

Alternatively, you can use Apple TV, Roku Streaming Stick, or Amazon Fire Tv Stick to perform the same task in the same way if you already own any of them.

Wired Methods

For projecting mobile screens on the wall, everyone uses their own ways to project mobile screens on the wall. It all depends upon the availability of equipment. So in this section, we will discuss some ways to project mobile screens on walls by using wired methods. Here are some ways to project mobile screens on walls by using wired connections,

1. By Using Type-C To HDMI Cable

Some of the modern smartphones, there are such smartphones available in the market supports HDMI connection to mirror mobile screen on bigger screens by using HDMI connection through their Type-C or Micro USB port. You can just plug in and start mirroring your mobile screen on a TV or computer by connecting it.

This can be the simplest way for projecting a mobile screen on a wall without using any projector and you can easily connect your mobile and your TVs by wired connections without having any technical knowledge.

2. By Using MHL Adapter

MHL adapters are similar to Type-C To HDMI cable connectors, but these adapters are used for some non-modern smartphones to cast or project their mobile screen on the wall by using it. These devices use an external USB supply as well to start generating mirroring output for Tv or computers.

For projecting a mobile screen on the wall with an MHL adapter, you just need a smartphone, TV, and an MHL adapter with a power supply. After gathering all these items, you just have to connect the MHL adapter’s type-C connecter to the smartphone and HDMI connector to the TV input section.

Right after connecting all these items together, just turn on the supply of the MHL adapter and choose the input source of the TV as the HDMI port in which the MHL adapter is connected and you will see your mobile screen on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some of the FAQs people generally asked about projecting a mobile screen on the wall without an actual projector.

Q1. What is DIY Projector and how much it costs?

DIY Projector is a cheap handmade projector that is made by using a cardboard box and magnifying lens which costs very less if you compare it with any other normal projector.

Q2. Can I connect my phone to my TV by using the Type-C Port of my mobile?

Yes! You can easily connect your phone by using the Type-C Port of your mobile by using MHL Adapter or A HDMI to Type-C cable.

Q3. What if I have a built-in screencast supported by mobile and smart TV?

If you have built-in screencast support in mobile and smart TV as well, then you don’t need any extra adapter or cable to cast your mobile screen to your tv. You can just connect both of them and enjoy your favorite content on the TV screen.


There are too many ways to project a mobile screen on the wall without using a projector and every way offers different advantages and disadvantages as well. So it is important to choose a better way which suits your requirements and budget as well.

Whether it is a wired method or a wireless method, every method gives you different quality projections but it is important to choose a way or method which can proceed in minimal investment with good output quality.

Also, If you love creativity. we have given you a better option which is the DIY projector project which will boost your DIY skills. It will be the cheapest option for you if you want the cheapest way to project a mobile screen on the wall in a creative style just by a cardboard box and a magnifying lens.

All of these methods work well to fulfill your requirements. Now it’s up to you which way you gonna prefer for projecting your mobile screen on the wall without using a projector.

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